Ke Liya, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, tells the story of movies and jewelry. Whether it is the luxurious jewelry that shows the rich and competing in the movie 'Lust Caution', the important token with emotion in the movie 'Mummy', or the value of the movie 'Mission Impossible 2' and 'My Superman Ex-Girlfriend' Bulgari coveted by thieves, jewelry can not only make the character more plump and prominent, but also connect the plot conflicts, pave the background of the times, and play different drama roles in the movie. The brilliance and brilliance of the movie are also shining with the brilliant light of these jewelry.

The new V series full-calendar moon phase watch is available in stainless steel case with white dial and red gold case with protein dial. Following Blancpain's principle of 'never produce second-class products' and 'details show dignity', all time scales are made of white gold or red gold, and they are matched with stainless steel or red gold cases to achieve harmonious and unified colors. At the same time, each timepiece has diamonds to choose from. In addition, Blancpain also matched the alligator leather strap for each watch and the MilleMailles metal bracelet containing more than 500 independent parts and patiently assembled by watchmakers.

The newest and most comprehensive table exhibition report. Below, please follow the footsteps of buywatches to appreciate the new pavilion style of the Breitling brand in the 2015 Basel World Watch and Jewelry Expo.

Everyone must be familiar with the actor Chen Kun. Whether it is the punk son in 'Golden Fan Family' or the tender general in 'Painted Skin', he perfectly interprets the character on the screen with his own elegance and the unique temperament of a gentleman.

Lei Mengwei's freelancer  series has always advocated the soul of freedom and sang the spirit of controlling his own destiny. Therefore, the Freedom Rider series has been advancing with the times for many years, constantly innovating and discarding all restraints, but it has never changed the original intention of its creation: gentle and elegant characteristics and casual and fashionable appearance, as well as beveled lugs and iconic dial screws layout.

Viewers of this world's top equestrian obstacle course have the opportunity to explore the designated watch for this 2017 event: a new blue dial men's watch from the Longines Master series.

Elegant, classic, ultimate, and fashionable, these can be perfectly interpreted in the Mercier watches. For more than 180 years, every masterpiece of Celebrity has fully expressed its continuous pursuit of superb craftsmanship. The beautiful Greek letter PHI, with its symbolic meaning of perfection and the philosophy it conveys, has been a brand mark of Celebrity since 1964. The history of Baume \u0026 Mercier watches originated in 1830, and it inherits a delicate balance between high-end technology and beauty. Since its inception, Baume \u0026 Mercier has been based on contemporary design styles, innovative watch production trends, and is persistent in its persistence in excellence.

This watch takes the pocket watch of 1910 as the design source, with a rounded case and a large crown to create a classic and full-line beauty. The design using slim lugs demonstrates the important meaning of 'aerospace advances the evolution of timepieces from pocket watches to more convenient and practical watches'.

Even if you only own a Piaget watch, it already represents that you have stabilized the world's top standards and luxury, so the uniqueness of Piaget's custom-made watches is doomed to its great value.

▲ DIOR VIII 33MM ruby ​​and pink corundum ladder diamond watch, Harrods department store in the United Kingdom limited sale, price: call.

The G-SHOCK low energy Bluetooth watch with technological elements surprises fans with the advantage of low power consumption. The wireless communication function used is only equipped with an ordinary button battery, which does not consume more battery power than traditional watches. No need to recharge or replace the battery, just like G-SHOCK's toughest TOUGH personality, even if you keep the Bluetooth connection on average for 12 hours a day, the battery life can be maintained for two years. In addition, the powerful features include earthquake resistance and 200 meters waterproof, world time (35 time zones / 100 cities + UTC), super LED lighting, each group of independent alarm clocks (ringing or vibration), stopwatch accurate to 1 /100 seconds (upper measurement limit: 24 hours), countdown (upper measurement limit: 24 hours, ringing or vibration), 12/24 hour format, mute function, etc.

The large men's style is equipped with Piaget's 534P self-winding mechanical movement; the women's style is equipped with Piaget's 690P quartz movement. The above two models are limited to 150 pieces, and each watch is individually numbered.

The team participating in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race this year experienced a difficult competition. The race was affected by the weather from the fourth day of the schedule, and the speed of the boat was reduced watch replica forums to 20-25 knots. But this did not prevent the Victoire fleet led by Darryl Hodgkinson from competing for the championship. On the morning of the fifth day, the Australian Yacht Club confirmed Victoire as the winner of the 69th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, and awarded the Tattersall trophy and Rolex watch. Record holder Wild Oats XI is still in charge this year and won the scoring championship again. Although he missed the opportunity to win the double crown twice, it also added luster to the game.